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Our customers say ...

"We at Startford's Bottling Co, Yakima, WA, approached Incommand about a new web site that was to be geared to generating on-line ordering of our bottled water. We had a company in Seattle design our original web site. It was an attractive site and had all the bells and whistles but had one glaring problem. We were not showing up on any of the web's search engines. We need help and fast.

Our first meeting with In Command gave us confidence that In Command was the best company to address our web requirements. They began asking questions we never thought to address. These were the right questions to get us recognized by search engines and to get Stratford's message out into the web universe.

In Command put a great site together and lead us down all the right paths. Within a week of going live, our new web site began generating orders for our private labeled bottled water. The investment we made in the new site is paying us back with orders from all over the United States and our web-generated billings are growing stronger and stronger each month.

In Command's staff is highly professional, innovative and communicative. They made what seemed like a difficult task much easier than we believed possible."

Larry Fitzgerald,
General Manager
Stratford Bottling

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Website Consulting

Our team can apply our point of view and expertise to any idea or project you may have. We bring you a unique combination of staff. Those with long-term web and programming experience, and those with a younger viewpoint, both of whom bring unique, creative ideas to your website.

By brainstorming and fleshing out the proper amount of detail in the planning phase of your project, you will be sure to reap greater returns in terms of site popularity and usefulness. If you know what you ultimately want but are not sure how to get there, let us guide you throught the process with our experienced staff.


Website Design

Our designs are done by our professional graphics designers who will work closely with you to design a look that is clean, professional and reflects who you are. For a professional look we feel that the quality of the images can make all the difference. Images can be optimized for fast load times so the use of high quality images in the design will not slow the loading of the site. Layout and navigation are equally important as the site should be designed so the visitor can quickly and easily see what they are there for and where to go to get the information they need. The 3 important elements we design for are:

  • To make a first impression - a great looking site will make a lasting impression of your business to your visitor.
  • Keep your visitor there - easy navigation will help them stay and look for the information they need.
  • Help your visitor come back - a site that your visitors love will have them coming back again and again.


Corporate Identity

Whether you have a new business or would like to upgrade the look you have, our graphic designers can work with you to develop a logo and marketing identity that can take your business to the next level. Our designers take the time to learn about your business and the markets you are trying to reach to help identify the marketing strategy and look that will be appropriate for your market.


Web Application Development

Our programmers have completed complex web application projects using both open source development with PHP and MySQL as well as Microsoft .NET and other Microsoft development tools. Please see our portfolio to read about the web applications we've developed recently. As you can see web applications vary greatly in size and complexity.

If you have an idea or need for a web application we would be happy to discuss your requirements. Web applications and web programming with databases can create efficiencies that will save your organization both time and money. Here are some examples of time saving features our customers have implemented to save time and money.

  • Streamline processes and/or repetitive tasks

  • Track use of services for simple reporting (Many government and educational applications for year end reporting)

  • Gather information from many and/or disseminate information to many

  • Develop web application and database from existing spreadsheet or stand alone program

  • Search, display, report, import, export database information

  • Paperless forms, online calculators, report generators



Ecommerce or an online store or shopping cart can be very successful on the web in the following situations:

  • You have current sales of your product and want to widen your customer base and expand your geographic area

  • You have a unique product that can't be found through normal distribution

  • You are an expert or have an endorsement and can recommend the purchase of your items

  • You are well branded and people will seek out your brand

  • You have a unique service

  • You have a marketing strategy

Without meaning to discourage web entrepreneurs, the online sales landscape has changed. Many categories of products are quite crowded and all companies and manufacturers are selling direct online. Your store will need professional product photos, search engine optimization and possible pay per click advertising to be effective.

If you want to sell online and fit into one of the categories above, Incommand can help you get setup with the all the store features you may need to be a success on the web. You never know... you may hit the jackpot!


Content Management

Content management is the perfect solution for you if;

  • your website needs to be updated often
  • you would like to keep that ability in house
  • your staff does not have HTML or XHTML knowledge

Our content management system provides easy update tools which can be implemented on any new or restructured website. The staff logs in and has access to an interface that does not require HTML or XHTML knowledge. The web interface is as simple to use as typing in Word and attaching pictures as in any email program. Any page on the site can be selected, edited, and posted live to the site.


Web Hosting

Incommand has web hosting options to meet every need in our temperature controlled data center. We offer the following options in both Windows and Apache Web Servers:

  • Basic, Standard and Advanced SSL web hosting

  • Virtual Server Hosting

  • Managed Server Co-location

  • Application Service Providing for custom applications

We can host most sites and database applications with support for Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, .NET, MS SQL, MySQL and more.


Server Co-location

Our data center can house any server you may have. You may have an email or application server that requires resources beyond what is offered at your current location. For a fraction of the traditional cost, your server/s will benefit with;

  • highspeed bandwidth
  • redundancy
  • temperature controlled, locked datacenter
  • rackspace


Managed Servers

For small businesses that host either a web server, email server, or web application without IT staff, managed co-location of your servers is the way to go. Our facility provides the space and highspeed bandwidth that is needed, while our staff keeps your application running. Whether your server is Windows or Linux, our IT staff will do all backups, upgrades, patches, and firewalls that will keep your server running 24/7.

Your staff will benefit by doing what they do best. Leave the server administration to us.


Search Engine Optimization

Another ingredient to web site success is search engine placement. Every website needs a marketing strategy with search engine optimization and pay per click advertising as the main components. At the local level Incommand is number 1 on Google for Yakima web design, Yakima web page design, Yakima web site design, Yakima web page development, Yakima web programming and Yakima search engine positioning.

However, in order to reach a broader market in a crowded category on the web, keyword analysis will be necessary to discover market niches that are less crowded opening the door to better positioning. Pay per click advertising can be very cost effective with the proper keyword research and analysis to make it work. Incommand has a range of services to help increase visibility for your site on the web. We provide the following services to help your customers find you on the web.

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google site maps

  • Submission to leading search engines

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Pay per click advertising setup


Pay Per Click Advertising

A pay per click ad campaign is an effective medium for generating an ongoing source of leads or sales online. Unlike email blasts which give bursts of traffic each time an ad goes out, a google ad campaign if setup correctly, fine tuned, and monitored, can provide an ongoing consistent source of revenue at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the results these campaigns can generate for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to get as high a click through rate and conversion rate as possible on the search network which means that care needs to be given to writing great ads and landing pages. The Google content network is an additional source for lead generation with more flexibility with ad sizes and the ability to target sites where your potential client or customer hangs out. Incommand has increased sales and lead generation for our clients with adwords campaigns at Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN.


Application Service Provider

If you are or would like to become an application service provider, Incommand can help you. We can setup and configure servers and/or provide managed co-location of servers for your application.

You can also become an application service provider. If you own a custom application that was developed to solve a problem in your business or industry that has strong market potential, Incommand can help you develop it as a web based hosted application. Your company can charge monthly or annual subscription fees for access to the application.

Our staff can provide consulting, programming, and server management of your hosted application.

Website Design & Consulting Graphic Design Custom Web Application Development
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