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"The staff we worked with at InCommand were talented, responsive, and great to work with. We felt like they really listened to us and "got" what we wanted. In the end, the final product was even better than what we'd hoped for because of the useful questions and suggestions from InCommand staff along the way. We would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a quality product and a productive and enjoyable working relationship. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future!"

Seanna Melchior Ruvkun,
Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

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Web Development Resources

Here are some books, links, e books and whitepapers we hope you will find useful in your quest for a successful web initiative. Every one of these resources are chaulked full of tips and "tricks of the trade" by knowledgeable industry insiders. The topics covered are critical items for a successful website that are over looked by non professionals. You can't help but walk away with a better knowledge of the web development process and an arsenal of helpful information from any one of the following resources.


Website Design

LED Digest
The LED Digest is an email discussion list focused on all aspects of Internet marketing and ecommerce. The format is pretty unique just a standard text-only email digest. The list is heavily moderated to keep the posts relevant. The discussions cover topics from specific SEO and SEM issues to the best HTML editor to use, web development and design issues, merchant accounts, shopping carts, and more. The LED digest has been published since 1997 (each Mon thru Fri) and has a following who calls themselves LED'ers. A very popular list with a strong brand that brings about 40,000 LED subscribers.

Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization
Andy King
New Riders Publishing

Nothing is more frustrating (and loses a visitor's attention) more than a slow loading site. Andy King's book will teach you how to maximize the performance of your website. It will describe how to maximize your images, scripts and code so your pages will download quickly. With approximately 4 seconds to grab your customer on the home page, web site optimization is critical for attracting and keeping your site visitors.

Web Redesign | Workflow that Works
Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler
New Riders Publishing

This is a great book if you want a took for planning your website. It will help you to see how important planning is before development starts and what items to consider in the process. If you are not actually in the business of web development and would like to plan your own, this book will be invaluable.



Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity
Jakob Nielsen
New Riders Publishing

Jakob Nielsen has been the guru of usability for a long time. The information contained in this book is more important than ever if you hope to engage your site visitors. His practical tips are eye opening to most.

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Steve Krug
New Riders Publishing

The attention span of web visitors has shortened dramatically in recent years. Web usability and home pages are more important than ever. If you confuse your visitor on the home page, they are sure to click away. This book will provide site reviews and tips on making your site user friendly. This is a great book to have in your arsenal of good web design books.

Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed
Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir
New Riders Publishing

Usability gurus Jakob Nielson and Marie Tahir are at it again providing useful guidelines and tips to make a home page that users can quickly navigate. It also critiques 50 website home pages as to the ease of the user experience. This is a great way to understand and improve the effectiveness of your home page.

The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources the Search Engines Can't See
Chris Sherman and Gary Price
CyberAge Books

Only 16 percent of Net-based information can be located using a general search engine. Much of the useful content on the web is stored in databases and cannot be accessed with today's search. This book provides information, tips, tools, and talk about accessing these hidden resources.


Content Writing

Net Words - Creating High-Impact Online Copy
Nick Usborne

If you want to learn how to really reach your customers on the web, this book is a must read. Nick Usborne is a consultant on copyrighting for your business online. He will teach you how to write great copy that gets results. This book is one of the best Web copywriting books available.

PositionPro has analytical tools that will crawl a Web site and analyze the Web site's content. It helps you to see just how your web site is viewed by the search engines. The tools will help teach you how to optimize your content for search and advertising programs.


Search Engine Visibility

High Rankings Advisor
Jill Whalen has some great well written articles about search and marketing. Her newsletter is definitely worth the read if you are looking to improve your rankings with search engines.

Search Engine Forums
The forums on this site will uncover many tips regarding search engine positioning and adwords advertising. Many tips and tricks are revealed to help you get traffic to your site.

Search Engine Watch
This is the definitive site for search engine and marketing advice. A terrific source of information with experts weighing in on many subjects, as well as search 101 advice for beginners.

SearchDay is a free newsletter from Search Engine Watch that is well worth signing up for. It will help you understand more about search from experts in the field. You can learn tons about search from this newsletter.

In Eric Ward's own words... The mission of URLwire is to help your high quality content attract high quality links from trustworthy sources, like online site reviewers, bloggers, editors, writers, vertical web guides, social linkers, etc. URLwire is not a link spam tool for helping you chase search engine rankings. Yes, it is possible that your search rankings may improve after using URLwire, but it isn't URLwire alone that makes that happen. You must be producing useful and linkworthy content in the first place, or no amount of publicity and links will help you.


Internet Marketing - Pay per Click advertising

Google Adwords
Google adwords is explained very well on their site. They have included more and more information about how to run a successful campaign. Naturally there some tricks to the trade but the basics are described here in detail.

Yahoo Search Marketing
For every 100 people who Google search, there's approximately 20 who search Yahoo and about 12 MSN. You can reach a different type of customer with each of these pay per click avenues, so don't discount them. The Yahoo setup isn't too difficult but the user interface it not as intuitive as Googles. All you will need to get started is explained here.

Definitive Guide to Google Adwords
Perry Marshall offers a Definite Guide to Google Adwords download which is a another great way to get started. He has a monthly newletter, CD's, seminars, roundtables and more. You can get expert advise starting with low monthly fees all the way up to his spendy rountable meetings all to get the most for your advertising dollar. If you have to spend money to make more money or save costs, it's well worth it. He has the entrepreneurial following to prove that his ideas and techniques do just that.

Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions (Paperback)
Tim Ash

How many people would like to improve the conversion rate of their Pay per click Ad Campaign? The answer would be everyone, but very few realize that a good quality landing page is the way to do it. A well constructed landing page is what turns those shoppers who have clicked on your ad into actual buyers of what you have to offer. This book will instruct and guide you into developing great landing pages that will get you results.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly (Paperback)
David Meerman Scott

Marketing is taking a planetary shift now and more so in the coming years. The sooner you read this book, the sooner you will know how to effectively market your business. David Meerman Scott will show you how get noticed in a crowded marketplace and reach your buyers directly through online thought leadership strategies including blogs, Web news releases, ebooks, and viral marketing. If you are finding that your traditional marketing strategies are not as effective as they were, this book will get your mind reeling with new ideas.

You can download some of his e-books for free that are also full of useful marketing tips

The New Rules of Viral Marketing

The New Rules of PR

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